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Hosted and Developed by PeteBennett.net a software engineer with close to forty years of projects Symantec, PG&E, Bank of America (Concord), Wells Fargo, GE Nuclear, Chevron, Pacific Bell, AT&T, SBCglobal.net (Baby Bell) plus many others.  

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The 9/11 Portal

Learn how  "American Scare Tactics" connect to ecomonically costly computer virus, the deadly Anthrax each were deployed in conjuction to bacterial incident in Walnut Creek CA.

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Dead Soldiers

A precarious issues riddled with the Military working hard to the acute infections, afflictions, sufferings affecting millions of members. Some evolove and survive but far too many do not.

The stories that are personal to Pete Bennett are connected the families he knows linked our mutual tragedie where Pete uncovered fundmental truths.

Dead Bankers

A searchable phenomen is dead bankers which is not too much different than soldier suicides each have emerged via after 9/11. Few realize that a vast majority of victims on 9/11 were bankers

Elektion Fraud?

Pete Bennett researcher and jobs activist has identified a few election nugget of fraud. On future pages he'll reveal how police officer prevented him from running for public office in 2014.