The Unarmed Constituent

Arrested, Detained, Robbed, Beaten, Public Corruption, Rouge Officers, Kidnapping, Arson, Murders, Witness Murders and then the District Attorney was arrested then a witness was murdered just three days later.

Learn how Pete lost millions, how the powers in venture capital, priviate equity, banking and big tech nearly ended Pete's life but managed to destroy his buseinesses, finances Hire Pete

The Bridge to Untruthful Stories


Insight to what really happened on 9/11, the connections to the 1993, TWA, Lockerbies, Oklahoma Bombing, Waco, and a Easy Bay Law firm involved behind the only terrorism policy ever written. The connection between Bennett vs. Southern Pacific, and how Bechtel, Chevron and how private equity and bankers, attorneys and military were behind it all to the accountants hired by the DOD as Donald Rumsfeld Personal Parrots

The Bridge Over Truthful Waters

Pete Bennett on CBS5 Bay Area June 2017.

Pete was a jobs activist appearing on CNN, ABC and NYT. His key appearance on PBS in June 2017 has been CANCELLED as it has vanished.

Soccer Moms Confidential


Pete Bennett knows or has met with or spoken via phone nearly every person in this video.

The DA Pleads Guilty

The story around Pete Bennett connected to DDA Mark Peterson in 1988 in regards to police corruption investigation in Pittsburg CA .